Road race in Sint Truiden

In between mountainbike racing there’s sometimes a chance to race on the road.
Road racing can be a good change of training stimulus in preparation of the important mountainbike races.
This past Sunday Milan raced on the road in Sint Truiden (Belgium). There was an early breakaway of 18 riders which also contained winner of this race: Piotr Havik.
Milan was riding at the front of the large chasing peloton of about 150 riders. The lead group was able to extend their lead to about 1 minute for most of the race.
During the last 4 laps of 7 km’s a second group with Milan was able to start a strong and exciting chase towards the lead group of 12 riders.
The gap was reduced to about 25 seconds when Piotr Havik made his decisive attack to win the race.
In the last km Milan’s chasing group reduced the gap to the front group to only a few seconds, but the lead group was able to keep their lead by just over a few seconds. Milan finished in 22nd position.
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